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The most valuable commodity I know of, is information.

Gordon Gekko. (Wall Street -1987)

About TASK4Free

A new financial consulting startup that focuses on helping companies with Oracle ERP, making smart financial investments, and planning for long-term financial growth. We work closely with our clients to improve their financial processes, use Oracle’s ERP tools effectively, and build strong, long-term investment plans. Our goal is to give easy-to-understand advice and strategies to help businesses and individuals make better financial decisions and achieve their long-term financial goals.

CEO & Head of Task4Free

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Explore a spectrum of tailored services on our web platform, where innovation meets expertise. From cutting-edge solutions to personalized consultations, we redefine excellence to meet your unique needs.

Oracle ERP Financials Consulting

Elevate your financial operations with our specialized Oracle ERP Financials Consulting.

Build your offshore company structure

Navigate the intricacies of establishing an offshore structure effortlessly.

Software Developer

Elevate your digital presence with our software developer services.

Financial Investments

Embark on a journey to financial prosperity with our comprehensive investment services.

SMM – Social Media Marketing

Safeguard your digital assets with our comprehensive data security services. From encryption to threat detection

Cloud Computing

Innovate fearlessly with our cloud solutions – scalable, secure, and customized for your business growth.

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Get to know our skilled team of experts who are essential to our consultancy’s growth. Learn about our mission, values, and our strong commitment to ensuring client achievements.

Raul Ortega
    Raul Ortega

    CEO, Head and Consultant

    As Head and Consultant, I lead with strategic vision and innovation in the industry. A proven expert, passionate about driving success, fostering collaboration, and delivering impactful solutions. Connect for insights on leadership and industry trends.

    Alejandra Ortega
      Alejandra Ortega

      Lead Legal Officer

      As Legal Lead at Task4Free, Alejandra navigates complex legal landscapes with precision. Dedicated to ensuring compliance, mitigating risks, and enabling business success. Connect for legal insights and strategic guidance for the best experience.

      Noemí Herrera
        Noemí Herrera

        Community Manager

        As Community Manager at Task4Free,Noemí cultivates online connections and engagement. Passionate about fostering a vibrant community. Connect for updates, discussions, and collaborative opportunities. #task4free #Engagement